Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello everyone! I thought this might be nice to post so you all have an idea on how things go, around here, in the clinic! We wrote it last night and it's going to be posted on the clinics website soon.

Greetings from all the staff at "La Clinica Vida Abundante"
 We are grateful to God for the health and strength that He has
granted us, while serving Him here in Carrizal!
 Recently, we have gone through some changes at the clinic. .
One of the biggest changes is that we have put a number on how many people
we see in one day. The max. we attend in a day is 50 people,.unless
emergencies arise. We were
seeing around 60-90 people daily and finally it got to be too much! It is
a lot calmer now, than what it was, and not nearly as tiring on everybody,
especially our doctor. It was quite difficult the first  month
and a half to try to implement our new number system. Previously
people were accustomed to being seen, no matter how many patients we
had. So it is a difficult task to turn away those that don't make it
in time to get into the 50... Daily we have to turn away from 10-20
people. Our numbers are usually all given out by 7am. It is absolutely
heart wrenching
when, for example, the other day and old grandmother, probably around
75 years old, came into the reception area where our
secretary/administrator sign the people
in, she  begged and begged to be seen...she had come from 4
hours away, and most of the way she had to walk. Another example;
a lady  brought her 2 year old to be seen and again we were out of
numbers, so she was told, "No,we are full today." Then she stood at
the window, child in her arms,with the most pitiful expression that
you can imagine!
 As one looks out across the crowd of people that are gathered
outside the reception
window, your heart is moved  with compassion, because you can see that
there are so many of them that have no hope or meaning
 in this life. To give you just a few glimpses; in this crowd there is a
very good chance of any of the following people... a girl of 15, who is
the unfortunate victim of a man who for the use of her, has given her
a home, because she might have no where else to go, came to see if she
is pregnant....Next, we have a mother with her child, who has a
bulging stomach,swollen face and has lost most of her hair...all
because a year earlier  she got sick and due to lack of funds, to buy
medicine, as a result she became seriously malnourished... A little
over a month ago, a woman was brought to the clinic, hands tied with a
rope, restrained by two men, leading her like an animal. We found out
that her family had many spiritual problems. Before she left, we were
able to pray with her. Our hearts desire is that she would be
completely delivered and set free!...Then there are many women who are
battling with severe depression because of
drunken husbands, who do not take the responsibility to keep food on the
table but spend their money on alcohol, plus see other women on the
side...There are people who have started off at
midnight,and have walked for 2-3 hours to get a ride for the rest of
their journey to the clinic...some arrive in time to be signed in at 7
am while others are just too late. Some of them find places to stay
for the night while others have to go all
the way back home!
 Last Wednesday morning, Eldon was coming up
to the clinic, on the motor bike  and noticed a small group of people
gathered at the corner of the main road that turns off  to the clinic. As he got
closer, he realized that there was a lady having a baby on the side of
the road! As he approached the scene, he noticed that the baby which
was basically born, looked very white, and he thought he was dead! Closer
investigation showed him that the cord was wrapped around the baby's
neck two times and he was choking to death! Eldon quickly rescued the
baby  and about that time our Dr  and  nurses came to the scene with
the truck, they loaded mother and baby, with the cord
still intact and brought her to the clinic (about 50 yards away)! The
rest of the delivery went very well, considering the fact that we
were not AT ALL prepared for something like that to happen! We kept
mom and baby there for the rest of the day. Later we found out that
she had been on the way to the hospital to have an ultrasound done and
as she was passing by the clinic, she started having labor pains
so she got off the bus, that's when things started to happen! We
were all excited about this happening, even though it is
something that we normally don't do here! To see the mom so happy and to
see the baby all healthy and normal was very rewarding! At the end of
our clinic day we dropped her off at the bus stop, where she would
have to ride another couple hours home...just imagine!!!!
 Not long ago, a truck pulled up to the clinic, bringing a young man,
along with his sick father, this young man had tried to commit suicide
the day before. His wife informed us that they had been having serious
marriage problems, so he took to drinking. In his drunken state, he
tried to swallow a pesticide pill, which she managed to take away from
him, then when she had to leave the room briefly to care for her sick
father in law, he then grabbed a bottle of herbicide... it was too
late, the damage was done!!!! By the time they brought him to our
clinic a day later, he was nearly unconscious, yet  moaning and
writhing in TERRIBLE pain...there was nothing we could do for him, so
our Dr. referred him to a larger hospital...it took three big guys to
carry him back out onto the waiting pickup...he wasn't there for more
then 5 minutes, thrashing and fighting for his last breaths, when all
subsided, so our Dr began CPR...the young man took a couple more
breaths and then he was gone, gone forever, into an eternity without
Christ..without hope  of eternal bliss - far from happiness and
peace.. Oh, eternity... Can we even begin to grasp how long you are,
the endless expanse, where time no longer exists... The saddest part
is the majority of all these people mentioned above, know "of' "
Jesus, but do not "know" Him personally! There are many who hunger
after the Truth and are seeking for more. Truly the fields are white
ready to harvest!!! Yet there is a desperate NEED for more laborers
here amongst the sick, lost and dying souls around us. Our deep desire
is to see not only  physical healing but more importantly spiritual
 These are just a few of the outstanding incidents that occur at our
little mountain clinic...let alone the many other sad stories that go
A big thank you to every one for all of your prayers and support!!!
Blessings to all! Eldon & Kenia, Dannie & Marilyn, Jessica and Natasha

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A quick post..

Hello everyone! I just had to post this afternoon and pay the extra here at the internet cafe to brief u on my newest excitment! Today I got to witness a birth and help out with the cleaning part including the baby! Thanks to all my sisters having so many babies, I knew exactly what to do and how to give the first sponge bath! ;) How exciting!! On our way up to the clinic this morning a lady was having her baby on the side of the road and the dr got there just in time to save him from choking by the unbilicle cord wrapped around his neck! The dr (Eldon)headed up a lil earlier this morning and God knew why! What a mighty and all knowing God we serve! I just had to share that before the day is over. God bless u all!!