Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

hola amigos!!

Hello again!

I saw my last update was in February! Wow! I guess I skipped a whole month! Well, May was a bit crazy busy anyway so I have a good excuse this time!! ..lol I wanted to update one last time before I head back to the United States of America.

So, here I sit on a nice smelling bus (..those don't come around everyday) ..so I learn to count even those blessings! Us 3 amigas (Haley Rosa and I) are on our way back to Erandique. We picked Haley up at the Mission house in Pena on Friday, and u can be sure we were just extatic to see eachother again (we both nearly fell to the floor while squeezing eachother so crushingly tight)! ;). Right now, As I glare across the bus, I see our dear Haley looking much like one of those animals that climb trees with the bushy tail! Yesterday, at the dentist, she got much work done in her mouth (many cavities filled, 2 wisdom teeth pulled, and a cleaning), to say the least, she's a lil' sore today ..oh yeah, and a bit puffy!

So, our next stop will be La Esperanza which will take us on one more bus to Erandique then after that we have plans to get back onto another vehicle to head up the Mt to Dannies for supper! Whew!

I think I'm really gonna miss my Honduran life here! ..full of excitment and changes! (Flat tires, electricity shut offs, and I can't forget ..the bumpy roads)! Just messin! ;) but, I will miss it here, I'll miss the people, life in the clinic, my missionary family and the tranquillo cultural social life! But, I am ready to end this season and go on to the next (the fall leaves are beautiful in fall, and the pumpkin pies are delicious, and the hay rides are fun but drinking hot chocolate, sitting by a fire, breathing in the crisp winter air with the moon shining on all the white individual snowflakes that shimmer across the fields are also nice..and cozy!) So,I will learn to be thankful for all things and always count my blessings! I don't know exactly what my plans are when I get back but I'll just allow the wind to blow me wherever it chooses. I can say one thing though, I can't wait to see all my MUCH missed ppl!

I guess I'll end this for now and wish you all a blessed day and life! ..adios! I'll see you soon!!! ;)

Love, ~Jessica