Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Friday, August 20, 2010

I made it!

Hello everyone! I made it here safe and sound! Thank you for all your prayers. It is my desire that my Heavenly Father would lead me and guide me into all truth and truly, He has been answering more prayers than I could ever imagine!!!! The plane ride was amazing other than having to run through the airport like crazy! There are so many stories to tell...so many testimonies, but I can't type them all now cuz I have to keep this short. A few things in the plan have changed and I am working in the clinic 4 days a week now but I am just loving it! I hope to keep you all updated, but it will be a little difficult until the rain stops. We’ve been having storms and it’s been raining every day. Unfortunately, it effects the internet around here. Miss you all!
God is so good! Blessed be His Name.



Mighty God.










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  1. Wow that seems like so long ago that I dropped you off at the air port. What a parting that was remember that drive? I tryed to make it good but i was only full of bad. I am so sorry. I tryed to make it alive but with out Jesus nothing is alive. and now you have been thriving there for like what 3 months or somthing tike that? Man a lot can happen in a short time, and it did, I am living because the love of God leads men to repentance. I am so thankfull He crushed me It feels so good to be Alive.