Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hello to all!

Here I sit on a nice green lawn while relaxing under the sun (that keeps trying to peek out from behind the clouds)! ..not sure if I'll see it's face anymore or at least for the rest of the day because the clouds keep piling up! We just got done eating a good meal with our new friends!

Well Rainy season is approaching and here that means we'll have more electricity outages, more cold showers, mildew threats, sour clothing, flooding in the house and on the streets, more windy days and chilly evenings, termites, mice, spiders, scorpions, and all the other pests I forgot to mention, slippery roads and mudslides! But really I'm not complaining ..there's always a good side to things as well, eh! ;) We get no more dusty roads, and with all the rain we could also have fun travelling adventures (slippy slidy all the way home!) ...;) Oh yeah ..and we get to pull out our unbrellas and puddle boots! We get to have candlelight dinners, hot soup and chili here we come, get to whip out the hot chocolate and soft cuddelie blankies, we'll have beautiful flowers of all sorts dusting over the land, prettier sunsets, and juicier fruits!!! So, we leave one season and go unto the next! That's how life is here on the Mission field! Tash (my sweet old roommate and friend) left a couple weeks ago, and the entire Kornelson clan just left this Monday! Now we have a new family that came to take their place, and their a lot of fun! Dannie and Marilyn plan to have their sisters come for a visit in a week and there's also a prayer group of youth that have plans to come out in May sometime. The next people that will be leaving from the mission will be Rosa and I (In June). See what I mean? ..People come and go and seasons change!

Were just ending what they call Semana Santa (which means Holy week for the Catholics). Businesses take a week off and friends and family get together and have fiestas (the whole town just takes it easy while the ninos play on the streets with their amigos and primos and others feast! They also have many, what they call, processions! It's basically when the Catholic churches and most of the town get together and sing mournfull songs through out the streets while one will be ahead carrying a cross or a tomb of Jesus and others hold up St. Mary. St.Paul, and one of the other Saints (I forget which one). They do this while many sit outside of their houses to watch on. But, it seems sad to me because they lift up a lot of Jesus' death but put lil' attention onto his resurrection and life! I pray God would show them that He's alive today!!! ..that He can be their friend and Father, He can send them grace in time of temptation, comfort while in sorrow, strength when weak, and cleansing of sins and softening of hearts! He is alive today and forever! Thank you Jesus!!! This is the way I will celebrate His resurrection!!!

Well, I realize as time keeps ticking, as of today, Rosa and I have a total of 7 weeks left!!! So, my prayers have been geared, lately, that God would allow me to be a light in this dark world and Jesus' hands and feet to the needy, that I would pour out my life for others, and give my time, prayers, and love to any who pass my way! Sometimes it's not easy but ..oh, the glory and joy to see someone who lacks be filled and whole again!

Well, I should go for now (life calls)!! Love you all and adios for now! Oh yeah! ..and Happy Resurrection day!!!

With love, Jessica

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