Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

...I'M BACK!

Hello all my faithful friends,
Here I am (again) after another umpteen months of not being a faithful blogger! I owe you all a big ...SORRY! Ever since I've been back I have been travelling here there and everywhere! Next stop? But of course, Michigan!!! As you all know, I'm OVERJOYED to say I'm a "HAPPILY ENGAGED" women, so that's why I'm heading back to Michigan where my "prince" resides! After that, my next stop shall be Missouri, where I will be visiting my sisters. I believe I will be "quite" busy, from working on wedding plans to trying to visit all my friends and family. I hope to have all of this accomplished before the next "exciting" chapter in my life begins!!! So, that's the "microwavable" version of my blog update in a nutshell! Stay tuned and hopefully I won't be so laaate until my next update! =) 

Love you all! Your friend, acquaintance, family, etc ~Jessica

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  1. soooo...just stopped by to letcha know that I think of you so often and hope you are doing fine and dandy!! =)) miss ya!!