Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In tribute to My perfect Savior!

Here I sit this morning in amazement ...I have My Savior, My Mountain mover, My peace giver, My hand holder (in the hard times), My perfect councilor, and My most LOVING and MERCIFUL God. His love baffles me! ..saying it is one thing but experiencing it is a complete other! It's the difference between night and day. I can only but fall more in love with Him! When I think he's done enough he does more ..so much more! When I think mercy for me should be almost ran out by now then he showers me with more (His mercies are new every morning!). That is what I want now! I want to give and give yet give till there's no more left! When a baby is born he needs and needs and depends on his parents but then when he matures he learns to give and give and become a parent. As I look around I don't have to look further then "me" or even my friends to see needs! We all need Jesus and his overcoming power.You can pray for me that I can come more to the place of "giving"! God is so good to me ...so good! He gives me power to WILL and DO His good pleasure!

Have a blessed day everyone!
Love you all!!

Because of His mercies,

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