Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So true!

  I read this and really thought it was good so I wanted to share it. The awesome thing about it is that the good news Jesus came to proclaim is that he came to set the captives free. He won the victory! We don't need to be captive any more to our Adam nature but we can put on Christ! Praise God!!! His promises are so sweet to us! "Father" I pray, help us!

Is it any wonder that many of us take one step forward and two steps back? Attempting to please the Lord and provide an occasional "snack" for the flesh might be the reason for the struggle we have with a double mind the instability of our walk. 

If we are confused and our life is up and down, maybe it is worth our time to evaluate our "sowing" habits. 

Is it possible we're missing the connection between the little "snacks" we sow to the flesh and the difficulties that sprout from those indulgences? When we provide a snack of sensuality, do we recognize the correlation with the battle we will face as a result? Snacks for the flesh strengthen the old man we face as an enemy! We might make it harder on ourselves. ~anonymous

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