Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

He wants to give us good and perfect gifts that last!

He longs for us to know HIS joy so that our joy will be full. 

Deceitful lusts promise "happiness" but their shallow sweetness quickly evaporates into empty bitterness. Through partaking of the "divine nature" we experience "loving life and seeing good days."

 We discover "it is MORE BLESSED to give than to receive." We also taste the kindness of THE Lord and experience THE DELIGHT of doing His will. 

The deceitfulness of sin draws us away and entices us to run after VANITIES. Vanities have a surface value but will always result in the same end Solomon discovered - meaningless. Why not "be led into ALL TRUTH" - and experience ALL TRUE LOVE, JOY, and PEACE. 

Deceitful lusts feel good in the beginning but end in corruption, bondage, and death. Jesus came "that we might have ABUNDANT LIFE "- through His TRUE PASSIONS. The devil comes to "steal, kill, and destroy" through "deceitful lusts" that corrupt us by leading us away from "every GOOD and PERFECT gift that comes from the Father of light" in whom there is NO DARKNESS. Don't be robbed by deceitful lusts - Flee them!   ~anonymous 

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