Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Friday, September 7, 2012

..just another update!

Wow! I'm just realizing how much time has passed since my last update ..a whole month and some!
Well, days have been flyyying by in my busy little life!! We're in Sept already!! ..Just climbing to my 30th bday! 30th!! I remember wondering if the lord would come back before then!! I sit here with a stuffy head and congested sinuses going through tissue after tissue. A perfect time for another blog update. :)

Well, my life in a nut shell has been work, fellowship, work, fellowship, work, and so on!!! :) It's not really quite that boring there's always a new story after crazy story to tell (you know me). I've also been enjoying meeting new visitors and catching up with old ones. Camping out for the weekend at camp meeting has been sweet as well!
Listening to peoples testimonies and hearts makes me realize what a BIG God we all serve! ..and what priceless jewels he's given us to glean from one another. I can never cease to forget all the blessings God has sent my way this year. His Spirit, truth, a heart that loves Him, my sweet brothers and sisters in Him, my family (restored relation ships!!!) He's provided work (in a good atmosphere ..always a plus!), provided me a home with an older Godly women to help along side with me to fight the good fight, provision else where, etc!!!

 I've been learning these days to rest beside Jesus on the boat in the storms of life. I'm also learning spiritual lessons from where I work at the Insurance agency (endurance, excelling, forced to get out of my comfort zone and do hard things). Through the endurance, pressing on, and not giving up I am able to benefit  from reaping what's sewn! I see this as school from my Heavenly Father! Really, I'm sure were able to see that were all in Gods school. ..perfecting us to reflect his own image! Wow! What a joy! I believe that's why Paul said, "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations;"  because the work of becoming like him is beyond words can express "JOYFUL"!!!

Ok, gotta get to bed so I can beat this thing! I should be well soon considering having Juice Plus, garlic cloves, green drink, and Vit C all today!

..night! :)      

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