Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Can I say once more ...God is GOOD!

God has been amazingly good to me! I am so thankful that he is my Father! I have seen dross in my life and it has caused me to be afraid to run to him (feeling too unworthy) so I would try to get fixed by running to others but God (as a loving father) keeps calling me to himself.  I saw that no one has the key to my lock or the cure to my disease, they would say, "Go to the great physician, he knows!" the Lord would even bring testimony after testimony my way how someone would be in need and go directly to Him (The creator of all things, author and finisher of faith, perfect councilor, God of all comfort) then he would directly answer their prayer! He is sooo good to me, so patient, so longsuffering, see 1Corinthians 13 and that can give more of an idea of who he is! ...He is LOVE!  Therefore, I will say, "Yes Lord, here I am! Fix me and make me become more ino your image ...Love!

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  1. This is the foundation of a life, Jessica.

    To set apart Christ as Lord. No one else will do.

    Whether married or single, mother or not, old or young . . . it is He who can hear and answer the cry of every longing heart.

    So good to see your heart here.
    Thank you for a very timely reminder.

    (And thanks for stopping by my blog, too.)