Happily ever after...

Happily ever after...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Well... Here I am this still morning with a lil' time on my hands to post before work.

I was just pondering my amazment toward God and the way he leads me! I am greatful to be here (in MO) at a place that I can be surrounded by sweet friends and family who love me, have a job, live next to family, have a room mate that has been a beacon of light in my life!! I have all my needs met! Jehova Jireh truely is my provider!!!!! And if God should guide me else where I will rejoice too!!! Because wherever I go He says, "I will be with you ALWAYS!" Even through the fire! He has taught my heart to rejoice on the mountains and in the valleys!!!! If I didn't have valleys I wouldn't be here to declare His faithfulness and know His saving grace! I wouldn't have experienced His strong hand that has dug me out of the pit and hewn me out of the stone (grave of hopelessness) Isaiah 51 and has also pulled me out of the fire!

Ok, I really wanted to post more but this will have to do for now! Later, I will update on what has been transpiring in my life these past days! Gotta get to work! :)

Love ya all!


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  1. what an amazing Father we have! I am rejoicing with you for His perfect provision!